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VLT observes the grand spiral galaxy Messier 99

VLT observes the grand spiral galaxy Messier 99 High-quality photos of the spiral galaxy Messier 99 can be found in abundance on the web, these images were taken using the powerful instrument of the ESO / FOcal Reducer + FORS2 observatory. These devices provide a lot of useful information only because they are installed on a very powerful telescope. The galaxy M99 is located at a distance of 42 million light-years, it is worth looking for this star cluster in the sky in the direction of the constellation Veronica's Hair.
This unique galaxy was first catalogued by the French astronomer Pierre Meschen. He was just observing this direction and saw both the galaxy M99 and M100 on the night of March 15, 1781. The French astronomer at first thought that he had discovered a certain nebula between two bright stars, but in fact it turned out that it was the distant galaxy M99
Galaxy M99 is sometimes also referred to as an object NGC 4254, IRAS 12162 + 1441 and LEDA 39578, it is slightly smaller than our "Home", but still a decent formation, with a diameter of 80 thousand light-years. There are a lot of stars in the galaxy, if we assume that all the stars are about the same as our Sun, then there will be at least 100 billion of them. This is not so much considering that there are still many more stars in our Milky Way galaxy.
The galaxy M99 is not correct in shape, probably it is only because we are observing a universal accident that happened not so long ago on a cosmic scale. Scientists believe a little differently,according to their version, this is an ordinary spiral-type galaxy with a more developed one arm. Well, what is this version for you* Nonsense and nothing more! The image that ESO published on the network is collected from four images with different filters. As a result, everything was put together and it turned out to be such a magnificent photo of a distant galaxy.

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