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What's going on with Betelgeuse

What's going on with Betelgeuse Betelgeuse first lost a briskly good "piece" in the brightness of luminosity, then gradually increased it for a certain period of its life. All this impermanence has been actively studied by the scientific community and has come to a variety of conclusions. There are a lot of conclusions only because the object is very far away and it is not so convenient to study it unambiguously while on the surface of the Earth.
And so, studying the piles of photos and various scientific garbage, scientists came to the conclusion that at this time it is possible to say with some certainty what is really happening with this amazing star. Betelgeuse has always been one of the brightest stars in the night sky, it is located in the constellation "Orion". This has been the case throughout the recognizable history, but a couple of years ago, the stability of the star in some case was violated. The star has largely lost its brightness. The decline began in 2020. Seeing this, everyone immediately began to shout that this is the state of the star before its collapse. That probably in the coming years, at least a supernova can break out and the sky will be illuminated for a moment by a powerful light flash.
Whether this is really all or not, American scientists decided to find out using all the astronomical power of a huge country. Together, the scientific community has come to the conclusion that the star has already begun to burn off its helium reserves, but do not expect a collapse, since this is only the initial stage of this phase. If you really expect an explosion, it will happen in about 100,000 years. But this is not all the surprises, many of the parameters of the star have been revised, now it is much closer to the Earth and a little smaller in size than previously thought. And as for the decrease in brightness for a while, it is probably due to dust clouds around the stars. One such huge dust cloud became between the Star and the observers from Earth, as a result, such an imaginary catastrophe appeared and there was an expectation of a huge explosion.
In turn, scientists from the United Europe decided to also contribute to the study of the problem and reported that at this time Betelgeuse is firing its helium, many indirect evidence points to this. There is a thermonuclear reaction on the star with the release of heat, helium nuclei enter into the reaction.
Scientists believe that the star burns and smokes heavily, that is, the emissions of soot into the nearest space are so large that a certain belt of clouds has already formed around the star, which for periods close the star from direct observation.
Betelgeuse is estimated by EU astronomers to be only about 18 times larger than our SUN at this time. This is like a little, but still less than scientists thought before the last series of studies. The radius of Betelgeuse is equal to 750 radii of the Sun, previously this figure was much higher. Studying so actively helped refine this parameter to a more precise position. Now a more accurate knowledge of the size of the star itself makes it possible to specify with greater accuracy the distance to it from the EARTH. Now the light from Betelgeuse is coming to us much faster, but still very, very long - 530 light-years, this is more widely written in the Astrophysical Journal.

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