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Perhaps there is another type of dark energy

Perhaps there is another type of dark energy Personally, watching the world around me, I came to the conclusion that the world is not so simple, it is more layered than any other and did not appear at all from some point through an explosion. Most likely, the world was just born, it was conceived and given birth, and who and when and how it is probably not understood by anyone ...
Scientists from modern science apparently need to eat something and they compose the most incredible hypotheses, they are sometimes so unlikely that they have to write their own equally incredible "fairy tale" separately.
When the universe is viewed as a growing organism, then everything is clear why it grows in space, but if we consider the universe as the consequences of the scattering of fragments from the explosion, then somehow it is hard to believe that chaos can give rise to something similar to what we can see in the night sky. Scientists who believe that everything appeared from a point, apparently do not believe themselves, but still promote such a theory and call it the model ?CDM. Recently, I came across an article in the scientific journal Physical Review D, it was written by two physicists from Denmark. They in their article speculated about the eternal, which they eventually turned out to be very funny to God:)) In particular, scientists compare two theories of the spread of everything that is in our Universe and it would seem that everything should coincide, because in essence 2+2=4 and 3+1=4, everything should coincide, but alas, everything is just the opposite, some got one result, others are completely different, although both groups of scientists relied on clear facts accepted in modern physics and astronomy.
And then the most interesting thing begins, scientists began to look for a catch.. In their minds lurked the idea that this discrepancy is probably not due to the calculations themselves, but to views on the very history of the Universe. The ?CDM model no longer seems so absolute and so unshakable!
Further, even funnier, in order to correct or infidelity in the calculations as someone to blame, scientists from Denmark decided to come up with another new version of dark matter. Instead of analyzing and drawing conclusions, another unknown is introduced into the new model of computing, which in the future can be searched for by earning not much money on grants:)) In general, if there was some dark and special matter at the early stage of the origin of the Universe, it would undoubtedly explain to scientists the presence of background radiation, as well as the measurement of the expansion rate of the Universe based on the beacons of the Universe in the form of supernovae. But apparently, until they create a time machine and send the newfangled Einstein to the distant past to see and record everything, the scientific community will continue to poke its finger at creating more and more new theories of the appearance and spread of galaxies in the Universe.
A new theory about dark matter says that at the initial stage of the formation of the Universe, dark energy was not quite the same as it is now, although no one really evaluates it now, how can it be compared with what it was once?

Here is what one of the newly revealed academicians said on this topic:)

You can compare this to the cooling process of water, when it undergoes a phase transition into ice with a lower density, " said Professor Slot.

It turns out that in the young Universe, dark matter was of a higher density, and now, so to speak, it is also expanding. Less density means less energy at a single point and less influence on a single point in space. Dark matter seemed to boil as it expanded, turning into a pile of bubbles..

Here is what Danish scientists tell us about this topic..

This is a phase transition in which a lot of bubbles of new dark energy suddenly appear, and when these bubbles expand and collide, the phase transition is complete, " said Professor Slot.

I don't know about you, but I believe that the Hunchback Horse is a reality, and not a character from a fairy tale, rather than that the dark matter of yat has undergone a change from the early Universe to the present day. We simply do not see what is nearby, and there is another world nearby and it is just not the same as our world of density and many times larger than ours, that's the whole theory of the universe.. Of course, you can call this world dark matter and search for it unsuccessfully. But from the outside it seems somehow ridiculous and ridiculous...

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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