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Scientists are trying to answer the question? From where everything came from and why everything is exactly as it is exists...

Scientists are trying to answer the question? From where everything came from and why everything is exactly as it is exists... News about how our universe appeared is more like science fiction, but not something that is accurate and can be verified...
Scientists believe that there is both matter and antimatter in the universe, and that when these two components of the universe meet, a huge explosion occurs.. In theory, both parts should be in equal parts at the appearance of the universe. If this happens by someone's intent, then this option should not be excluded, but if everything happened from the fake Big Bang, that is, during the chaos, something appeared in equal parts.. Probably this is definitely something fantastically not plausible.
If we move further in the reasoning, then if an equal amount of both matter and anti-matter appeared during the explosion, then at some stage everything must annihilate... In fact, we are still alive and the ground under our feet is clearly not fake.
Now the most interesting thing, another idea from scientists.
At the initial stage of the Big Bang, everything went wrong and there was more matter than anti-matter, then everything seemed to annihilate, and what remained is what we see at this time. NOT a little as it seems to me left.
But from where did dark matter, so to speak, appear, which pulls everything in different directions and does not interact with anything except gravitationally? Science about dark matter does not know anything, maybe it is not at all what they think, maybe it is just another Universe in a slightly different dimension is so close and affects its mass on everything that is nearby, a certain diffusion of parallel worlds. I will not say for sure that there is no" Dark Matter", but something tells me that this is actually the case. Scientists are looking for a cat in the black room, and that's all.
If there is so much dark matter and it seems to dominate, then the processes do not go according to our laws of physics, but according to those where this very dark matter is both visible and tangible and has descriptive parameters.
If in our world a star can shrink and pass into a completely new body with a nuclear density,then what happens in the world of dark matter if it is so compressed?
According to some unthinkable canons, about 80% of the total mass of dark matter was found in our universe. And in the Universe where 80% of some matter, our Universe has only 20% , and there, too, scientists think about what kind of black matter it is and why it is so distributed in our universe.
To understand what the universe is, you need to at least dissect it.. You need to at least move somewhere in the neighboring Universe and look at our house from there. Probably no chicken will study the egg until it hatches and looks at it from the position of an adult chicken. So it turns out that no matter how much science fiction scientists write and compose various fables about black matter, they will not understand it and will not study it being completely not there and not in the place where it exists. You need to look for it in neighboring dimensions or in adjacent worlds, where it may not be the same as ours,but it is there and it can be described not only as something special with one parameter....
I will not return to the topic of "Black matter" in this life, since this term is mainly used not for studying, but to describe what is not possible to understand or analyze from the point of view of modern physics.

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