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The Chinese probe found something interesting!

The Chinese probe found something interesting! On the back side of the Moon, the Chinese lunar module Yutu 2 is plowing the expanses in the terrible cold, and it has already discovered an unusual object, what is it? On the 27th of the seventh day, scientists finally found something interesting in that part of the lunar surface where previously nothing and almost no one was looking for.
The news was reported not by some wretched bloggers who are doling out the public in search of free ears, but just the opposite by the steadily developing Xinhua news agency.
On the surface, the lander Change 4 first landed, and a little later the rover Yutu 2 moved to the surface. Now the lunar module rolls on the surface and looks for a sensation, sometimes the truth goes to bed in a forced manner, so as not to waste energy in a very cold period of the lunar night.
What is so interesting found on the surface of the moon probe? This is not a UFO trail or a piece of gold, this is some strange moonstone. The stone is like a stone, nothing special in appearance, only the shape is a little strange.
The oblong stone somehow got to the moon, somehow it still took such an interesting shape* So, in fact, the Chinese experts decided to look for an answer to this and related questions.
First, we took a picture of the object. Then they made plans to study it more closely with the help of all the instruments available on board the lunar rover. The lunar rover has a fairly good field laboratory, which will allow you to find out, although with some error, what components this rock is made of.
Until this unique stone was found along the way, the Chinese-style lunar rover studied everything that came across, mostly fragments of regolith. Nothing else interesting could be found in the Von Karman crater. If you believe the scientists, they only managed to find some molten glass and some fragments of matter from the mantle of the satellite.
According to experts, the stone is not remarkable for anything and there are probably quite a few of them in the lunar soil, an ordinary observer probably would not pay attention to it, but scientists who know something about the Moon look at the stone as a kind of sensation. Perhaps this is a meteorite, since it is shaped like a fragment from something more grandiose and sticks out in the main background of the ground. At the very least, this is strange and not quite normal.
Diverse erosion on the surface of the Moon to one degree or another may well do something similar with an ordinary piece of rock, in any case, a spherical object or in some close approximation can be obtained.
Scientists have an assumption that in front of them is a relatively young stone and there is a possibility that it got to the Moon from somewhere far away and not so long ago in time. Maybe it's not even the meteorite itself, but some fragment of an impact ejection. Something large may have crashed into the surface to form a crater, but it was still in the thickness of the surface just scattered around.
This is like a preliminary hypothesis, what in the future scientists will say on this finding will be many times closer to the truth. At a minimum, the spectral analysis of the surface will have to give hints of what this chipped stone still consists of? Knowing approximately what kind of rock this fragment consists of in the future, it will be possible to more accurately speak about the place of its origin. The Chinese clearly made their lunar rover qualitatively, it already works on the surface of the satellite much longer than usual. The deadlines are already blocked in two, and the path that the lunar rover has passed is equal to 628 meters. This Chinese miracle has been crawling on the dark side of the moon since January 3, 2019. Last year, Chinese scientists launched a mission to deliver 1.73 kg of lunar soil to the planet's surface. The mission worked just as well and in three weeks the cargo was already in the right place for its study.
While all the space powers are studying the Moon and Mars, our country is studying something else, something that is probably more important and necessary:)

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