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I wonder how the moon is exposed to water from the Earth?

I wonder how the moon is exposed to water from the Earth? The fact that there is water on the Moon and it is not enough is probably no surprise to anyone. Although on the one hand the surface sometimes heats up to a catastrophic temperature, and in the other it cools down just as much, on the border areas there are still some corners where there are more or less stable climatic indicators. Such weather on the Moon to some extent allowed for millions of years at the bottom of some border craters (craters at the poles and at the border of light and shadow), to collect quite a bit of ice.
Special space probes have already reached this ice, this ice is actively being studied at this time and there is already some data that to some extent tells the ordinary citizen about what kind of water on the Moon and where it actually came from there in such not too favorable conditions.
Until satellites flew to the Moon and lunar rovers rolled there, scientists mistakenly believed that there could be no water on the Moon in principle. The moon was mistakenly considered a lifeless desert. The time since the first flight to the Moon of the mission "Apollo" has already passed enough and scientists at least do not say so unequivocally that there is no water on the Moon. In some craters, just where the shadow is forever and where the Sun's rays do not fall, ice accumulates and there is not so little of it. In the lunar soil, they also found products that would not have appeared in any case, if some substances had not reacted with water. It turns out that water is still indirectly confirmed in the presence, but how much water is on the Moon and where it came from there is no exact answer.
If you are interested, here is one of the hypotheses of the appearance of water on the Moon.
As part of the solar wind, there are positive hydrogen ions that crash into the Moon at high speed. Such a bombardment knocks out oxygen from the ground and subsequently as it turns out there is a certain reaction of hydrogen oxidation with the appearance of water molecules:)
The topic was played on the fingers of more than one university and now we have come to a new conclusion...
It turns out that this method of water formation on the Moon is not the only possible one, there is at least one more source. Particles that come from the surface of the Earth, although they are not so much, but they can also cause the formation of water on the Moon.
The scientists tested this and an earlier hypothesis on a mathematical stand, developed a mathematical model, described all the input data, and were very surprised at the result.. Most of the water that appears as a result of such a bombardment of solar wind particles simply evaporates from the surface of our satellite, some of it escapes in the direction of the poles.
A great contribution to the study of the topic was made by Indian scientists, it was their device "Chandrayan-1" that proved that water does not completely evaporate from the surface of the Moon. They were linked to the disappearance of water from the surface of the Moon with the influence of the Earth's magnetosphere. As a result, it turned out that passing through the Earth's magnetosphere, the Moon loses water and acquires water from the "Earth Wind". The satellite "Cahuyar" studied this topic from a new angle and it turned out that the water on the Moon for many millions of years from the "earth wind" gathered not so little and in fact in the craters there is water with a solar history in the past and of course with the earth's memory, too.
For more information about such a scientific conclusion, you can easily read on the pages of the scientific journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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