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What you should pay attention to if you are an amateur astronomer!

What you should pay attention to if you are an amateur astronomer! Moving away from the festive mood and from congratulating aliens on the new year, you should probably read about those events of the astronomical plan for 2021, which everyone already knows about and which are waiting with impatience.
First of all, let's start with the number 2. It was on January 2 that our spaceship called Planet Earth came closest in its orbit to a star called the Sun. The next day, when we are already moving away from the Sun, it is worth paying attention to a meteor shower called the Quadrantids.
When you get tired of watching meteors, you can rest until January 5, just on this day SpaceX Falcon 9 launches with a small communication satellite on board - Turksat 5A. This is so to speak the order of Turkey, to launch a communication satellite for Turkey will be from the spaceport on the cape in Florida. You will not be able to see the event itself through a telescope, but you can watch the launch on the official YouTube channel, unless of course you have a headache and want to watch the achievements of Turkey and the United States in the space industry.
The next day, that is, already on January 6, another bucket with nuts will fly into space again. A certain transport Cygnus CRS-14 will separate from the ISS and fly somewhere… Probably this bucket with nuts will be allowed in a controlled orbit and it will burn up somewhere in a deserted region of the world ocean. This bucket with nuts is NOT so easy to undock from the ISS, a special robot manipulator Canadarm2 will be used for this procedure. The next more or less interesting event can be seen on January 11 and it will be a salute to Elon Musk, his company SpaceX will launch Dragon CRS-21 in the direction of the ISS space station. After everything is unloaded from the ship, and all the accumulated garbage is unloaded into it, it will also be turned first into a piece of garbage, and then burned in the atmosphere. Flying into space is a very expensive and probably not even so necessary idea in modern times.
If you follow the Moon, then on January 13, the new moon will appear at 04: 00 GMT.
Then there is NOTHING interesting until January 21, when the Moon, Mars and Uranus will line up. These three planets can be seen in the southwest just after the Sun goes below the horizon.
Then Mercury will gradually rise above the horizon and will reach its highest point on January 27. It will be possible to observe it in the South-West.
Already on January 28, it will be possible to observe the full Moon, an event like an ordinary one, but it has its own unique name-the Full Moon of the Wolf.
In January, SpaceX has the most work to do, it will also launch dozens of tiny satellites as part of the Transporter 1 project. The flight of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for Cape Canaveral in Florida. The same type of rocket will launch 60 more SpaceX Starlink satellites in January. The launch is also scheduled for Cape Canaveral in Florida.
Here is an interesting astronomical calendar for the first month of 2021.

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